St.Mary's Church

Orchardleigh, Somerset, UK BA11 2PH

St. Mary’s, Orchardleigh enjoys the unique setting of being at the edge of a lake with a moat around the church. Hence it is often referred to as ‘the church on the island.’ Its remoteness means there is no electricity supply to the church which means all our services are candlelit and the organ has to be pumped by hand! You can find additional information about Lullington and Orchardleigh churches on their own website (Opens in a new window).

The picturesque setting, the lack of modern comforts and the traditional services mean that many of those who visit our church enjoy an unforgetable experience. Many of our regular congregation travel miles in order to be with us, and would miss the character (and characters) of this unique church.

There is a strong link between Orchardleigh Church and Orchardleigh House for wedding receptions.

If you would like to visit this church, take a look at the map of the area and checkout the times of our Sunday Services this month.